Data Management Policy

This Standard Operating Procedure (“SOP”) document establishes the Data Management policies and procedures pertaining to the services provided by Stellar Technologies Inc (“Stellar”).


Data storage equipment meets the following specification:

  • Dual Redundant Controller
  • Raid 50 or 60 Configurations consisting of:
    • 2x 12 Drive Data Sets
    • 2x Global Spares
  • Redundant Volume Remote Copy to archive array for 24 hour snapshot redundancy.


Customer-defined "production" data is encrypted at rest using AES-256 encryption via either self-encrypting drives or VMware Virtual Machine Encryption.


Data is isolated on a per-customer basis by volume(s) and/or Logical Unit Number(s) (LUN). No two customers ever use the same storage volume or LUN.


Customer-defined "production" data resides on all-flash storage arrays. Storage IOPS policies are implemented to guarantee customer performance.


Customers may elect for backups of any offering provided by Stellar. Backup services are consumed based on the number of machines protected and the total aggregate storage consumption.

Data backups may be stored in a Local Redundant Zone and/or a Global Redundant Zone:

  • Local Redundant Zone: Stored in the same data center as production systems, but on different equipment.
  • Global Redundant Zone: Replicated to opposing regional data center.

Backup Restoration

Data backups are stored on high-performance enterprise storage to ensure customer data restoration of 24 hours or less. Customers should always contact support for assistance with restoring critical data.

Backup Notifications

Customers must provide an email address for the purpose of delivering backup success/failure notifications. To request backup notifications, please open a support case.

Backup Encryption

Backups are encrypted at rest via Veeam Encryption Keys. Customers subscribed to backup services may set their own encryption key, or use a randomly generated key provided by Stellar.

Stellar-assigned keys are created on a per-tenant basis, and no key is reused. Automatically rotated keys are available upon request.

Recovery Events

For Stellar-initiated data recovery events as a direct result of a hardware failure, the maximum potential loss of data is 24 hours (the maximum amount of time between volume copy jobs) and the minimum is 1 hour. Customers impacted from any data recovery event are subject to the maximum credit per Service Level Agreements.